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Riot Games reveals a month-long "experience" to celebrate its first animated series, Arcane

Expect Arcane goodies right across Riot's portfolio of games.

Riot Games is celebrating following the launch of its first animated series, Arcane, with Progress Days, "the next phase" of its RiotX Arcane event.

A month-long "experience", Riot says Progress Days is a holiday in the Arcane show, where citizens of Piltover celebrate technological innovation. Running from today, 7th November, until the 13th, Progress Days marks the time period between Arcane Act 1 and 2, during which the developer will release "new in-game content within Riot's titles".

From today, League of Legends players will be able to explore the Council Archives, a "new interactive experience where you can study more of Arcane's story", and players who play at least one game of League this week will unlock Arcane Jayce.

Wild Rift, Arcane-style Jinx and Vi skins will be "available free through daily login rewards", along with the Arcane Experience in-game event, Jayce and Caitlyn hit the Hextech Heist event, as well as themed weeks in Guild vs Guild, including Jinx vs Vi.

There's goodies for Legends of Runeterra, too. "Headlined by The Path of Champions, a permanent PvE mode featuring adventures through Piltover & Zaun and roguelike campaigns through other regions of Runeterra", Riot says players will also get new champion Jayce, thematic support cards from Piltover & Zaun, Piltovan Rooftops Board, new Champion Skins, the Jayce Champion Deck Bundle, and Hextech Guardians, too.

Riot has also committed to donate $10,000 grants to 30 non-profit organisations later this week. The nonprofits were nominated by players across Riot's portfolio of games and around the world "in the hopes of inspiring progress".

For the full list of goodies coming your way later this week, head on over to the official website.

ICYMI, Riot recently teamed up with Fortnite developer Epic for a partnership that would see several Riot titles being made available via the Epic Games Store, as well as an appearance from League of Legends character Jinx in Fortnite.

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