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Layers of Fear is coming to Switch

The Joy-Con of painting.

Blooper Team's 2016 first-person horror game Layers of Fear is making its way to Nintendo Switch, publisher Aspyr Media has announced.

Now called Layers of Fear: Legacy, it's being billed as a "redesigned masterpiece of fear coming soon exclusively for Nintendo Switch".

We're not sure what's new exactly, or when it will arrive on Switch, but it seems likely that it will include the game's Inheritance DLC.

Layers of Fear tells the tale of a mentally disturbed painter in a Victorian mansion that seems to change shape on a dime.

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Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirlwell had mixed feelings towards Layers of Fear. He admired its art direction and audio, but found the writing too cliché-ridden in its portrayal of mental illness.

"This is an intriguing specimen that'll keep more cerebral horror buffs diverted, but it's caught somewhere between somebody's impression of a masterpiece and a masterpiece in its own right," he concluded in his Layers of Fear review.

Just last month Blooper Team's Rutger Hauer-starring sci-fi follow-up, Observer, came with a higher recommendation from the same critic. I wonder if we'll get that game on Switch too. One can dream (of electric sheep).