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New Vegas patch cripples 360 version?

Users complain saved games won't load.

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The latest patch for Fallout: New Vegas is reportedly causing some Xbox 360 users serious problems.

According to a number of posts on the game's official forum, many players have been unable to load saved games since installing update 1.3 this morning, or are experiencing regular system crashes.

"Great, get the day off, settled down in front of the Xbox to play New Vegas and guess what, it freezes. Thanks Bethesda!" wrote one poster.

"As with everyone else, the new update has wrecked my game, got the warning about losing content and now it won't load up my past saves."

A post on publisher Bethesda's Twitter feed acknowledged the problem and insisted a fix was in the works.

"We're aware some folks are having New Vegas save issues," it read. "We're working with Microsoft on this and should have more information soon."

This isn't the game's first bug-related controversy – the action RPG sequel has been plagued by technical issues since launch.

Reports on Tuesday stated that a number of senior staff at developer Obsidian have been made redundant this week.

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