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Last minute delay for console versions of Gone Home in Europe

Shut the front door.

The console versions of Gone Home have been delayed in Europe - on the day they were supposed to come out.

Here's the tweet making the announcement:

The mention of ratings is a reference to the need for publishers and developers to rate their games with multiple agencies in order to launch in the PAL region, as opposed to just one for North America: the ESRB.

There's also the issue of certification. Console games must pass a certification process in order to release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. When it comes to PlayStation, the European operation (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) acts independently of, for example, the American operation (Sony Computer Entertainment America), and each has its own certification process.

It's this set-up that causes some games to fail to launch in Europe when they launch in North America.

So what next for Gone Home? Developer The Fullbright Company said hopefully it'll be out on these shores next week.

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