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Lanning: Oddworld series is "on the shelf"

Wants to "really aggressively experiment".

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Renowned game creator Lorne Lanning has put cherished IP Oddworld back "on the shelf" while he works on something "aggressively" experimental instead.

"There's a lot of things on the shelf right now," he told G4TV. "There's a lot of shake-up going on.

"We didn't really want to put the Oddworld brand out there in the middle of that turmoil, so we're working on some other things that we'll be announcing shortly."

"We want to really aggressively experiment at this time," he added, "and we didn't want to really experiment aggressively with that brand."

Lanning said his project was "more of a platform issue, not an IP", but wouldn't offer any further description.

In 2008 Lanning confirmed that new Oddworld "stuff" was in development. This turned out to be CGI film and a game accompaniment dubbed Oddworld: Citizen Siege.

A spokesperson for the Oddworld studio hinted, however, that games developed by the team would not be created in "the way we did in the past".

During this period, Lanning was replaced as head of Oddworld by Larry Shaphiro. This move was made in order to free-up Lanning as a creative thinker rather than business organiser.

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