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L4D2 tweaked in new update

Changes to Charger, Tank and friendly fire.

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Valve has updated the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 with a few small changes intended to stop players "rage quitting".

They are the start of a response to a recent request for players' feedback on what was frustrating them about the game. "We have many more changes we are working on, some ideas failed, some were exploitable, and some were just bad ideas," Valve said on the Left 4 Dead 2 blog.

"What we are releasing today is not the sum of our answer to the problem but simply some of the updates that are ready to ship. More are coming."

The Charger and Tank infected are being tweaked in Versus mode. The scoring has been changed for the Charger to reward doing the right thing, and Tanks go into an invisible stasis when they spawn during which they cannot be set on fire.

In both Versus and Co-op, the rules for friendly fire have been changed so that bullets that go through an infected before striking a Survivor do not count as friendly fire.

Valve promises more updates to the game soon.

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