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Kynseed is a whimsical sandbox RPG from a few ex-Fable devs

UPDATE: Kickstarter goal funded.

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UPDATE 23/5/17: Kickstarter hopeful Kynseed has successfully met its crowdfunding goal.

The 2D role-player will now be made by new indie PixelCount Studios, staffed by veterans of shuttered Fable developer Lionhead.

Kynseed's developers set themselves a modest £30k, which was passed yesterday. The game's funding period is not due to end for another 10 days however - and this amount has already been surpassed by nearly £1k extra.

If you fancy trying the game yourself for no charge, there's already a playable prototype.

ORIGINAL STORY 8/5/17: When Microsoft shut down Lionhead last year, its 100 or so staff scattered to the wind. Some ended up at other studios. Some left the industry. A couple of them banded together to work on a sandbox RPG and have now launched a Kickstarter for it.

Kynseed is the work of PixelCount Studios, which was founded by ex-Lionhead level designer for the Fable series Charlie Edwards, and ex-Lionhead scripter, coder, and tools creator Neal Whitehead. It's a bit like Steam hit Stardew Valley spliced with the reactive sandbox world of Fable's Albion.

You get to raise a family, farm your land and run your shops. You plant the mystical Kynseed to grow your family tree (there's a joke about acorns in there somewhere) and make choices that impact generations. You then step into the shoes of your children to continue your legacy.

Watch on YouTube

The Kickstarter asks for £30,000, and you can download the prototype now. One to watch.

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