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Kororinpa Wii dated

This time next month.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Kororinpa, Hudson's Marble Madness-esque Wii title, is due out on 23rd February via Nintendo, the platform holder said this week, helping boost the Wii's sporadic schedule of post-launch exclusives.

A bit like Marble Madness, Kororinpa is about navigating a ball through 3D mazes by tilting the Wiimote. You might also compare it to Mercury Meltdown Revolution, which is looking pretty amazing in its present form.

Reviews of the Japanese version of Kororinpa haven't been quite as complimentary as some hoped, but that won't stop us giving it a fair going over once it pitches up this time next month - where it will appear a week later than Nintendo's own Excite Truck, due out on 16th February.

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