Said the man with a mouthful of pie.

“Kororroroin-what?”. Yeah, yeah. We know.

Obscurely named Japanese videogames come with the territory, but it can't exactly help them sell to people who run away from anything not called Medal of Duty: The Road to Creative Doom. And despite what you might assume, it doesn't mean we're going to slap 9/10 at the end of the review because we like the quirky name. You cynics.

Rather than simply change the name to something generically 'Western' (oh, I dunno, Rollerama or something), Nintendo has pre-empted the confusion by helpfully slapped a little four word description above the name to inform us that it's a "Ball-rolling Maze Game". They could have added "a bit like Super Monkey Ball but without the mini games or the effortless charm" but that might have been a bit of a mouthful. [Incidentally, for the North American release, 'Marble Mania' has been added as a subtitle.]

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Kororinpa Wii dated

This time next month.

Kororinpa, Hudson's Marble Madness-esque Wii title, is due out on 23rd February via Nintendo, the platform holder said this week, helping boost the Wii's sporadic schedule of post-launch exclusives.