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Konami shows new Silent Hill at E3

PS3 and 360 in 2011.

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Konami has shown the first footage of the next Silent Hill at its E3 press conference. The game will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011.

It hasn't been given a title other than Silent Hill at the moment. It's being developed, as previously reported, by Czech studio Vatra Games.

Silent Hill's producer promised that it would be influenced by everything the series has successfully implemented in the past - disturbing creatures and survival horror in a parallel world - but that special attention is being paid to evolving the combat "in a logical direction" rather than simply increasing it, or removing it altogether as in Shattered Memories.

The new trailer showed a lead character, a man with blonde hair, who going by his numbered jumpsuit and shackles is an escaped convict. He makes his way into Silent Hill after a bus transporting him crashes into a ravine. A female law officer - possibly a prison officer or Marshal - survives with him.

Once in the town, the convict begins to explore deserted houses by torchlight in classic Silent Hill fashion. Sparing combat was shown - stalked by one creature, he spun around and dispatched it with one pistol shot. At another point, the camera pulled away to show him walking through a quasi-fantastical prison setting, a giant construction of rusted iron.

The Vatra team revealed that the music would be by composer Dan Licht, who does music for TV serial killer drama Dexter.

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