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Miami Crisis on the way for DS

Play as cop called Martin Law. Yes really.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami and Hudson have unveiled a new crime-themed DS game called Miami Crisis.

It's due out in September and follows the work of two law-bringers. Martin Law is a street-beat Miami PD cop who uses his fists, gun and car. Richard Policeman, all right Sara Starling, is an FBI smarty who loves a bit of hot forensics action. Together they'll unravel a "shadowy terrorist conspiracy" and probably put their sunglasses on for no reason 28 times per level.

Miami Crisis also packs unlockable sub-games and a what Konami claims to be a "unique control interface". But then the publisher also says Hudson, with Miami Crisis, has "delivered the ultimate cop show [for DS]", which sounds a trifle bold.

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