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Kirby's return leaked ahead of tonight's Nintendo Direct

UPDATE: Kirby and the Forgotten Land coming spring 2022.

UPDATE 11pm UK: Nintendo has now officially announced Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which launches for Nintendo Switch in spring 2022.

"In this new 3D platforming game, players can freely navigate areas using familiar Kirby copy abilities," Nintendo says in its blurb. "What lies in store for Kirby as he explores a mysterious setting filled with abandoned structures from a past civilisation?"

Here's the first official trailer from tonight's Nintendo Direct:

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ORIGINAL STORY 8pm UK: Nintendo's Japanese website has leaked what appears to be one of the big surprises for tonight's Direct presentation, with a new Kirby game - which roughly translates to Kirby Discovery - appearing alongside a spring 2022 release date.

It would mark the first big instalment for the series since 2018's Kirby Star Allies - a charmingly detailed platforming throwback, we said in our Kirby Star Allies review - although smaller spin-off entries have found their way onto the eShop in the shape of Super Kirby Clash and Kirby Fighters 2.

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The image on Nintendo's Japanese site shows Kirby in what looks like a post-apocalyptic setting, surrounded by rusting cars and dilapidated buildings. The gritty Kirby deboot that no-one in particular has been waiting for? Probably not, and there's really not that much time left until we find out for sure.

Other images suggested that Bayonetta 3 might be in for a long overdue showing tonight, and then there's also the issue of the expected Nintendo Switch Online update and the reveal of the mysterious new Switch controller.

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