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Killzone 2's delay good for gamers - Price

Also explains Insomniac's production speed.

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Insomniac Games President and CEO Ted Price believes that Killzone 2's delay is good news for PS3 owners.

Speaking to Eurogamer reader JaKhris during our latest live interview, Price said: "Having space between two big FPS games like Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 is not only good for the developers, it's good for gamers.

"PS3 gamers get a continuous FPS fix from fall '08 through the beginning of 2009!"

Mind you, his game's the one due out before Christmas, so his happiness is probably understandable. Then again, Insomniac has just as probably earned the right - having delivered Resistance: Fall of Man at the PS3's launch and subsequently delivered Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction just a year later.

Price attributed his company's ability to deliver two - and now three - PS3 games in the space of time it's taken other developers to get one up and running to several things. "First, we're currently just developing for PS3. With one engine and one toolset it allows us to maintain a high level of efficiency with production," he told Eurogamer reader robo_1.

"Second, we have overlapping teams. Meaning we always have at least one team in pre-production on a product while another team is in production. This means that we can roll from production to production easily. Third, our team is highly motivated to produce big AAA games. It's our passion."

Resistance 2 is due out in November.

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