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Killzone 2 patch on Wednesday

Play with Japanese, loads of tweaks.

Killzone 2 will be patched to version 1.24 on Wednesday, 22nd April at 8am GMT, preparing the game for an influx of Japanese players later in the week when Guerrilla's highly rated FPS goes on sale in the Far East.

The 57MB patch also prepares the game for the Titanium & Steel downloadable map content due to go on sale through the PlayStation Store on 30th April at an undisclosed price.

In a post on the official US forums (thanks Kotaku), producer Seb Downie also included the changelog, highlighting tweaks, fixes and minor new features.

These are mostly trivial additions, like an increased radius for the radar and a join-game filter for 17-24 players, although 1.24 also squashes a few more exploits - this time on the Helghan Industries, Radec Academy, Salamun Market and Tharsis Depot maps.

You may recall that Guerrilla previously said "glitchers" risked "losing their PSN ID altogether". Play fair, kids!

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