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Killing Floor to get extra content soon

Some of it free, some of it not.

Tripwire will soon begin rolling extra content out for co-op survival horror game Killing Floor.

First will be the free Heavy Metal pack, according to the Killing Floor website, that any owner of the game can play. Inside are an old ironworks-based map called Foundry, plus new weapons AK-47 and a Japanese Katana sword.

Then comes the first premium pack, which adds four extra playable characters to the game. These will include a Horzine foundry worker and soldier in prototype Horzine armour. But what is Horzine? Is it a magazine?

Killing Floor, released in May, has been selling like hotcakes on Steam. It started life as an Unreal Tournament mod, and involves six friends holding off hordes of Specimen zombie things.

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