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UT mod Killing Floor becomes game

Six-player co-op survival horror for PC.

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Popular young-persons' Unreal Tournament 2004 modification Killing Floor is to be beefed up into a full game and released on Steam, Tripwire Interactive has announced.

Killing Floor is a first-person co-op game in which up to six players defend themselves against an onslaught of monsters in non-linear London-based environments using a mixture of weapons.

Along with knives, fire-axes, shotguns, rifles and a flamethrower (there are more than 12 weapons in total), players can also try and weld doors closed to push the monsters along certain paths.

The game also has a persistent "perks" system, whereby players can augment their character with special abilities and skills, and these can be customised like a loadout pre-game to balance the team.

Tripwire says the new full-game version will include nine types of enemy armed with teeth, claws, chainsaws, chainguns and even rocket launchers, which hardly seems fair, although you will at least get to admire grislier deaths in slow-motion "ZEDtime".

Beyond that, we've been told to expect a single-player offline mode (presumably for practicing), and the usual Steam Achievements and Friends list support.

If all that catches your eye, keep it on the currently barren official website or bone up on the UT2004 mod courtesy of Wikipedia. There's currently no word on a release date.

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