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Ken Levine asks players to vote on BioShock Infinite's reversible cover

You have until 19th December.

After everyone and their mother railed against BioShock Infinite's generic box art, creative lead Ken Levine has announced that the game will feature a reversible cover. What will it look like? That's up to you, as Irrational is asking people to vote on the alternate box art on the developer's website.

The original, blander cover.

The original cover featured player character Booker DeWitt brandishing a shotgun like a boss, walking away from an explosion and a burning flag - also like a boss. Yet the cover itself was not very boss and Levine even admitted that it was for the "uninformed" audience, like "frat guys."

"We had to make that trade-off in terms of where we were spending our marketing dollars," said Levine. "By the time you get to the store, or see an ad, the BioShock fan knows about the game. The money we're spending on PR, the conversations with games journalists, that's for the fans. For the people who aren't informed, that's who the box art is for."

As for the optional reversible box art - it looks a lot better. It's more stylised and esoteric - like the game. People have until the 19th December to choose their favourite.

Beyond the reversible art, Levine noted that Irrational will arrange "a whole mess of more alternate covers" that people can print out.

Check out the reversible cover candidates in the gallery below.

On a side note: is there any reason the main cover of the game isn't the third one if Irrational were going the pandering route anyway? It contains all the same unimaginative content, plus Elizabeth and a zeppelin, which gives a clearer idea of what the game is about.