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Katamari Damacy creator's next game is about pooping, exploding, and friendship

Not necessarily in that order.

Last December Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi teased an upcoming PS4 game called Wattam, which featured a green cubic character with a penchant for adorning their head with bombs and bowler hats, and now we know what it's all about.

More games could do with dancing sushi.

A collaborative effort with Journey executive producer Robin Hunicke and Sony Studio Santa Monica, Wattam is a weird ass game about a mayor trying to reunite their town after an explosion left most of its people drifting through space. Deciding that two wrongs make a right, the mayor and other townfolk decide to create the biggest explosions possible as a beacon so the displaced denizens of Wattam can find their way back home.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, players will create larger explosions by piling the people of Wattam together into human pyramid-like structures before detonating the people pile.

Each character will have their own unique properties and figuring out how they interact with one another and the world around them is a big part of the fun. An example developer Funomena gave is that you can use a cloud to rain down on the grass, erecting flower people to join your perilous project. So finding all the hidden characters will give the game a puzzle component.

There will be several worlds to unlock as players rebuild Wattam. Some will be based on the four seasons, and the screenshot above is set in the spring.

Furthermore, each character emits a musical riff when they connect, so you'll be inadvertently creating music as you play.

The developer suggested that co-op will be supported as well. "You will be able to play the game all the way through on your own - but you can also play with friends and family, while sitting on the couch together," Hunicke stated.

The following trailer concludes Wattam's first teaser and shows some gameplay footage. It contains pooping, partying, and pirouetting.

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