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Kane & Lynch demo on PAL PSN

Plus SOCOM/Syphon PSP demos.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

While our American friends dance around with High Velocity Bowling, Wild Arms and even a silly holiday in November, fortunes are mixed for European PlayStation fans this week - with a Kane & Lynch demo the main PS3 Store highlight.

Things are a bit more interesting on the PSP Store, though, with demo versions of SOCOM: Tactical Strike (out today in Europe) and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, along with green and yellow LocoRoco wallpapers and a trailer for Everybody's Golf.

Elsewhere the PS3 Store also says hello to a MotorStorm livery pack and downloadable Folklore content somewhat newer than the Kidnapped Folk and Bottom of the Sea packs we erroneously got excited about yesterday. Sorry about that. The one on PSN today is called The Origin of Belgae Pack, and in adds four side-quests for the original game, an extra Folk to capture and a new costume for Ellen.

Other additions include themes for Mesmerize, Tori Emaki, Heavenly Sword, Snakeball, MotorStorm, Lemmings, Killzone 2 and SingStar.

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