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Jurassic World Evolution is heading to Switch in November

Will include the base game and all DLC.

Jurassic World Evolution, Frontier Development's game of dinosaur-themed resort management and dubious scientific application, is making its way to Switch on 3rd November.

Frontier is calling the the newly announced Switch version the Complete Edition and, as its name suggests, it'll include the core game first seen on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 back in 2018 - which, in time-honoured theme park management game fashion, challenges players to create the perfect tourist destination by maximising cash flow, building and maintaining facilities, and by researching ever-more impressive attractions - as well as all DLC released to date.

That means Switch owners can work their way through the additional challenges seen in Jurassic World Evolution's Return to Jurassic Park, Claire's Sanctuary, and the Secrets of Dr. Wu narrative expansions, and can bolster their parks' appeal via the Herbivore, Cretaceous, Carnivore, and Deluxe dinosaur packs. The Raptor Squad Skin Collection is included too.

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Jurassic Park Evolution certainly ticks all the right presentational boxes for fans of the movies (and dinosaurs), but Eurogamer wasn't entirely convinced by the humdrum busywork and shallow gameplay loops of Frontier's management effort when it released back in 2018 - something the various bits of campaign-expanding DLC have only perfunctorily addressed.

"Don't get me wrong," wrote Vikki Blake, "I loved my time in Las Cinco Muertes, and there's immense satisfaction to be found in just sitting back and watching your creations roam. But with a brutal learning curve, weak tutorials, and a lack of meaningful gameplay once your parks are mature, even the most ardent palaeontologist may struggle to keep coming back for more."

Still, those unable to resist the lure of prehistoric beasties (and, really, who could say no to a triceratops), can embark on their resort management adventure starting 3rd November.

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