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Jumper film gets game

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Brash Entertainment has said it is working on a game to go alongside the Jumper film next February.

The premise is that a group of people called Jumpers can teleport instantly around the world, appearing anywhere they like on a whim. But their enemies the Paladins (we thought they were always the goodies) want to kill and get rid of them.

We're not surprised, either, given that one Jumper is none other than Hayden Christensen of Darth Vader, er, fame. Didn't he say he was giving up acting after Star Wars? Bloody liar.

However, Samuel L. Jackson is also in it, and it is being put together by Bourne series director Doug Liman. Oh, and Rachel Bilson is in it. Starting to sound much better.

The game pops you in Griffin's (Jamie Bell's) shoes, and he's after revenge on the Paladins for killing his parents. It looks to be a third-person affair with plenty of beat-'em-up action revolving around combos and hand-to-hand fighting.

You can unlock more skills as you go along, too, and execute fancy finishing moves by teleporting your enemies to exotic locations and then presumably killing them.

Jumpers is heading to 360, Wii and PS2, and will be available in the US alongside the film on 12th February.

A European release is yet to be established, but expect it with its big-screen counterpart.

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