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Judge PS3 in 2009, says EA

Price won't affect year one sales.

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The effect of the PlayStation 3's controversial price point will only become apparent two years' after release, Electronic Arts' Gerhard Florin has told

While early critics are suggesting the console's luxury price is hampering sales, EA's executive VP of international publishing doesn't believe the GBP 425 price tag will hold back sales in the first twelve months.

"Look at the price in two years' time, and then you can say whether it's too high," said Florin, in an interview published today.

"Whether it's too high or not the consumer has to decide, but I don't think for the first year the price will be a problem which holds anything back," he added.

It's not just Sony's latest home console that EA is withholding judgement on. Florin believes that both Microsoft's and Nintendo's recent launches also have a niche to find and sales to exploit.

"I wouldn't make any judgements within the next two years," commented Florin.

"The first two years will clearly be an open race, everybody will do very well. I believe all three [consoles] are worth supporting in different ways."

Electronic Arts is confident it has the portfolio of franchises to spread across each home console, playing to each machine's respective strengths.

"Something like Harry Potter is a very clear candidate to lead on the Wii," offered Florin.

"Shooters like Medal of Honor, Black, we will clearly concentrate on PlayStation 3 because we need Cell processor power."

"Then we've got more strategic, online-orientated games that we concentrate more on 360," he added.

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