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Jenga confirmed for Wii, DS

New harder-to-cheat-at version.

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Atari has finally crumbled and confirmed it is working on a Jenga game for Wii and DS.

The strategical building game will be developed by Atomic Planet and be released in November.

Confirmation comes hot on the heels of a person claiming to have seen a listing for the game on an official piece of paper late last month.

The aim of the game is to pull apart a tower of blocks one piece at a time while trying to keep the whole structure standing. You've probably played it already on someone's table using the wooden set, or outside using the over-sized version which is absolutely brilliant if you want to invite us round we'll say yes.

Atari is promising Einstein physics and "Edge-of-Your-Seat Fun" as you use each platform's strengths to negotiate those tricky building blocks, also gaining power-ups and twists only possible in the videogame world.

"Fans of the Jenga family of games will fall in love with this exciting brand all over again," said Jeremiah Cohn, senior product manager at Atari. "We are thrilled to deliver this timeless and renowned game with new variations and surprises for the Nintendo DS and Wii."

We're still not convinced it can tear us away from the real-life version, but it will be at E3 next week to try and persuade us otherwise.

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