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Atari wobbly on Jenga

Wooden build on rumours.

Atari has kept a poker face this afternoon by offering no comment on rumours it will unveil a Wii version of Jenga at this year's E3.

Speculation arose after a mysterious forum poster claimed to have seen a listing for the game on an official piece of paper.

We have previously heard from the publisher it will be showing four titles at the game show: The Witcher, Godzilla: Unleashed, Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, and an unnamed fourth. Maybe, just maybe.

Jenga is a game of patience, skill, and cheating. The aim is to keep pulling pieces from a wooden tower before the whole thing collapses. If you remove the section that brings it to the floor, you're out.

We've found the best tactic is to subtly wobble the table when a friend takes their go. You can also buy a giant version of the game these days, which actually poses a fantastic hazard to children when it finally topples over.

Do you think it would work on Wii, Eurogamer readers, considering the normal Jenga game costs just seven pounds? (Go for the 50 quid garden version, it's superb!)