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Japan's fancy Dark Souls 2 edition has case of replica weapons

And we get a boring 12" figurine.

UPDATE 12.30PM: Unsurprisingly, importers stampeded Amazon Japan to secure a copy on the region-free PS3. It sold out. There are Xbox 360 versions left, but the console isn't region free.

ORIGINAL STORY 12.10PM: Japan gets a case of mini-replica weapons in a Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition and we get... a little statue? Phooey!

Inside Japan's engraved, latched case are, on one side, four shields, and on the other, three swords and a hefty axe, all sunk into velvety cushioned beds. They appear to be made of a metal, but I'm not sure which.

The largest sword weighs 32g and measures 185mm - over seven inches! Eat that, 12" Western Collector's Edition statue. The axe weighs 86g, but the largest shield weighs 172g - as much as an LG Revolution smartphone, apparently (which is 42g heavier than most smartphones, apparently). What interesting statistics!

The Japanese Collector's Edition costs 15,800 yen, which converts to $154 or £95.

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The Western Collector's Edition, priced £89.99, contains the aforementioned 12" knight figurine, a cloth map, a smallish hardback art book and the Black Armour edition of the game. Oh, and a soundtrack.

This is what we get.

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