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Jackbox finally adding Megapicker for seamless minigame swapping across packs

And that's not fibbage.

Collage of social post requests for a Jackbox Megapicker
Image credit: Jackbox

With over 50 games spread over multiple individual packs, it can be a pain to play Jackbox Games with all the switching around.

Thankfully, Jackbox Games has heard your pleas and is introducing The Jackbox Megapicker.

A free product exclusive to Steam, the Megapicker will allow players to view their complete game library, sort and filter them, and switch between multiple games without having to exit to Steam and load up a new pack each time.

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So maybe you fancy a bit of Tee K.O, before jumping into Quiplash, a spot of Survive the Internet, and lastly - my personal favourite - Mad Verse City. Soon you'll be able to switch between them all seamlessly.

The Jackbox Megapicker is set for release at some point in July. More details will soon be revealed, including a forthcoming reddit AMA, according to a blog post on the Megapicker.

Back in April, the developer revealed a risqué adults-only Naughty Pack is in development (as if Jackbox wasn't already risqué).

There's no release date yet for that, nor news on what the games will be, but it's due out this year. Presumably the Megapicker will allow these to be filtered in and out, depending on how family friendly you wish to be.

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