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It's a Virtual Megadrive frenzy!

Sonic 2 heads foursome on VC.

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Nintendo's European Virtual Console surged beyond the 101-game mark today - as well it should have done with wings, flippers and magical super-speed to propel it onwards. Which is a fancy way of saying it's Sonic 2, Ecco 2 and Dragon Spirit.

And Golden Axe II, but that didn't fit.

Three of those are from the land of Megadrive, of course, and thus cost 800 Wii points. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 built on the success of the first game [did it! did it really! What amazing insight! -Ed] by introducing Tails (surely the beginning of the end for Sonic) and having you hop around more impressively vast and detailed "Zones" platforming at a speed that made Mario look fatter than ever.

Meanwhile, Golden Axe II built on the success of the first game in subtler ways, reprising many of its best bits (being a barbarian, dwarf or amazon lady; smacking people about a bit), but we'll leave it up to Dan Whitehead and his Virtual Console Roundup column to look further into that.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Ecco: The Tides of Time built on the success of the first game by changing Ecco from dolphin to shark, seagull and other animals when he picked up certain items, although it sensibly hung onto most of the things people liked about the first one, such as the slightly sinister cover-dolphin.

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, Dragon Spirit didn't have any success of the first game to build its vertical scrolling shooterisms on, but that didn't stop it appearing on every platform of the time - a time when I was too busy running around outside playing kiss-chase to notice videogames, which is why I know nothing about it. 600 Wii points will get you, and me, all the answers.

Or you could read them in our Virtual Console Roundup tomorrow.

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