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Introversion Prison Architect Expo presentations today, tomorrow

Find out if the paid alpha paid off.

How well has the Prison Architect paid alpha done? Did the gamble pay off - has British indie flag-waver Introversion Software hit a seam of success?

Mark Morris and Chris Delay aren't Bad Girls, but what if they were?

That's a question and topic that Introversion's candid duo Mark Morris and Chris Delay will tackle, talking at the Eurogamer Expo this weekend.

Chris said he'll also show some upcoming Prison Architect features that aren't in the alpha yet. Ooh, ooh.

Morris and Delay are speaking today at 4pm, and on Sunday at 3.30pm. They'll be in the smaller second conference room, so check with a helper which queue you're in.

If you dress up in prison attire, I'm sure they'll be impressed. In fact, I'm convicted they will be. Oh! Bad pun. You got me. Guilty as charged.

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