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Intellivison's troubled Amico gets official unboxing but still no hint of a release date

As company insists it will "push forward" with console.

Intellivision has released an official Amico unboxing video, insisting it continues to "push forward" with the trouble console's release, despite the project having now been delayed three times and a recent SEC filing suggesting the company may not be able to operate beyond July.

Intellivision's newly released unboxing video sees chief technology officer John Alvarado showcasing a "fully functional" Amico console, supposedly intended to be shipped to Hans Ippish, president of European operations, for demonstration to European partners.

In the box are the console itself, two controllers, an HDMI cable, safety straps, and a power supply, and after a cursory bit of set-up, the Amico is powered on, giving viewers a walkthrough of its on-screen interface before cutting to a highlight reel of several games.

Intellivision Amico - Unboxing.Watch on YouTube

Alvarado offered no hint as to when the beleaguered console - initially unveiled back in 2018 - might finally find its way into purchasers' hands, but, in a separate message sent to those that pre-ordered the Amico (thanks VGC), CEO Phil Adam said the company is currently "in negotiations with potential investors/acquirers", and that "during this process, we continue to push forward with Amico". That would seem to suggest a full launch is still some way off.

Amico's repeated delays have inevitably led some to doubt the console's future, and concerns only grew after Intellivision was forced to admit it had "significant debt" in an SEC filing shared in February, revealing it might not be able to operate beyond July 2022 if it was unable to secure additional funds - despite 6,000 pre-orders for Amico still being unfulfilled.

More questions arose when Intellivision decided to cut a recent fundraising effort short just 21 days into its three-month campaign, opting to pocket the $58,001 USD raised - despite the figure being well below its original $5m USD goal. Ars Technica tech culture editor Sam Machkovech (who's been closely documenting the unfolding Amico story) called the decision as "bright and red a flag as it gets in the world of unreleased tech hardware."

Indeed, Intellivision has continually struggled to present a consistent, reassuring picture of the Amico in recent times. Last October it insisted the much-delayed console would release "in the coming months" after it made the decision to begin selling pricey boxed copies of Amico games, despite no hint of a console in sight. Yet in February, following the announcement Intellivision's then-CEO Tommy Tallarico had left his role, it claimed production was just beginning. And now, with the company apparently back in talks with potential investors, it once again seems unlikely Amico will be arriving anytime soon.

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