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Infinity Ward "fast-tracking" fix for bug that turns Call of Duty: Warzone into a glitchy sci-fi nightmare

Final boss.

Infinity Ward has said it is "fast-tracking" a fix for a weird graphical corruption bug that turns Call of Duty: Warzone weapons into glitchy nightmares.

This bug, which the Warzone community brought to light a week ago with the launch of Season 5, sees weapons and in some cases objects on the Warzone map glitch into strange shifting, jaggedy shapes.

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This bug kind of reminds of something out of an '80s sci-fi movie. Maybe the shield practise scene from Dune? Or maybe something out of one of the Transformers movies?

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I've noticed increased reports of graphics issues outside of this weapon bug since the launch of Season 5, too. Clips have surfaced of the Warzone map failing to load, and levitating soldiers sat inside invisible vehicles.

New shaders work very well, I like it. from r/CODWarzone
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I think my graphics card might be on the way out caw caw. from r/CODWarzone

Infinity Ward co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot has explained that a rendering update for this gun glitch has to go through first-party, which means the patch needs to be certified by Sony and Microsoft before it's deployed to players. This takes more time than Infinity Ward issuing a server-side gun-tuning update, which it recently did for the Breun.

"They are not mutually exclusive changes as different people work on each type of update," Cecot said.

Fingers crossed Infinity Ward sorts this bug out sooner rather than later - before Warzone becomes self-aware or something.

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