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I see why Naughty Dog scrapped Crash Bandicoot's rock hard DLC level

It's really bloody difficult.

After spending an hour in a profanity-driven rage, it's become clear why Naughty Dog removed the level Stormy Ascent from the original Crash Bandicoot.

Overnight Vicarious Visions released the level Stormy Ascent as a free DLC to the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy.

Back in 1996, when Naughty Dog was preparing to deliver the original Crash Bandicoot to Sony, the developer decided to cut Stormy Ascent as the level was too difficult for players. Even Naughty Dog struggled to finish it.

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When I took on the challenge to complete the level I was already quite concerned it wasn't going to happen, as I have found myself stuck on the level Slippery Climb. If, like me, you hate that particular level then you are not going to enjoy Stormy Ascent. The DLC level is in the same style as Slippery Climb but even harder.

Needless to say, I didn't complete Stormy Ascent (yet!) and my patience quickly wore thin. This is a level that requires perfect timing and, preferably, a lot of health. Players must make their way up and the side of a building, in a storm, while manoeuvring around moving platforms, disappearing stairs and annoying scientists.

But despite the level's difficulty, people have already completed Stormy Ascent and some players have even perfected the level - but it's not easy. Redditor Matthew0337 commented how he had started the level with 115 lives and finished it with four. Jeeze. Others on Reddit have refused point blank to even attempt the level on time trial.

Below you can see YouTuber KevLoughrey1 flying through the level in three minutes and six seconds to earn the Platinum Relic.

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However, some players have found glitches in the level are preventing them from achieving the coveted Platinum Relic. YouTuber Nazho Pereira posted a video showing one of the platforms in the level refusing to move, after they had put at least 40 minutes into the game. So maybe we should leave the relics to the hardcore players or the people with patience.

Stormy Ascent is available for free in Europe and North America until 19th August. After that it will be $2.99, at least in North America.