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A new Crash Bandicoot game has leaked


I have good news, and I have bad news. It looks like there's a new Crash Bandicoot game in the works: however, it's an endless runner for mobile. How do ya'like them apples?

Artwork showing a new Crash Bandicoot mobile title seems to have leaked via Facebook ads, and the images have now been splashed across Twitter. Thanks to the logo we know it's being made by King, the Activision-owned developer behind Candy Crush, while the gameplay pics suggest you'll be swiping between different tracks to bop crates and collect wumpa fruit. Basically Temple Run, but Crash Bandicoot.

A description of the game was briefly available on Storemaven, an app store testing company, but now seems to have been removed. Thankfully Kotaku grabbed a screenshot so you can all peer at the delights which await:

This isn't the first Crash Bandicoot title for mobile, as there's already a bevy of platformers and racer games out there. To be fair, Crash is a pretty good fit for the endless runner mobile genre, even if it's probably not the sequel fans wanted. And there's still hope yet - fans have spotted plenty of evidence to suggest a new game could be in the works, while last night Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said the company will "tap into [its] portfolio of beloved IP to bring several remastered and reimagined experiences to players in 2020". Could a proper Crash Bandicoot sequel be one of them?

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