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Hyrule Warriors' secret final DLC character revealed

Out now in Europe and 12th March in North America.

Last week we took a look at how Ganon will look in Hyrule Warriors' new Boss Pack DLC, which just came out this week in Europe. However, there's one thing we didn't know about this new expansion: It contains a secret new unlockable character.

Mild spoilers follow.

As revealed in this YouTube clip by moccos-tan Isedelica, players can unlock a giant Cucco by scoring an A rank on the third Ganon survival mission.

Cover image for YouTube videoWiiU Hyrule Warriors ゼルダ無双 Cucco コッコ Move 技 (spoiler/ネタバレ)

Cucco moves include a head butt, letting out a mighty roar, and flapping its wings to unleash an army of smaller Cucco upon its enemies.

The Boss Pack DLC was delayed in North America, but it will be out on 12th March for $2.99. It lets players assume the role of Ganon as well as play a new Boss Rush mode.