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Zelda: Link's Awakening DLC revealed for Hyrule Warriors

Owl be buying that.

Nintendo has finally shown off its Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Legends on 3DS.

The download launches next week, on Thursday 30th June and then for the game's Wii U version at a later date.

With the DLC installed, Hyrule Warriors: Legends owners can play as Link's Awakening character Marin, who fights with a bell. In Link's Awakening, Marin teaches Link the Ballad of the Windfish song - and this plays as she attacks. The legendary Windfish also appears on screen.

A new Koholint Island map and weapon for Linkle is also included in the DLC - a kicking attack using special boots.

Hyrule Warriors, itself a mash-up of Zelda and the Musou hack-and-slash series, has been mashing up Zelda characters since it launched. A second year of DLC was announced a few months back, with characters from Majora's Mask coming next.