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Humble Indie Bundle 7 arrives with The Binding of Isaac, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, Indie Game: The Movie and more.

Celebrate the holiday with McMillen's biblical story of a small child.

The humblest of bundles has returned after its THQ-based excursion outside of indieville last month for another round of overlooked games at a great value to benefit charity. You know, for the holidays and all.

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 includes Ed McMillen's Christianity-themed action roguelike The Binding of Isaac (along with its The Wrath of the Lamb DLC), the spooky monochromatic light-based puzzler Closure, Kyle Pulver's platformer/puzzler Snapshot, Klei's 2D slice-'em-up Shank 2 (which contains more red than Rudolph's nose and Santa's coat combined) and for the first time in the bundle's history, you'll get a film with the crowd-pleasing documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

Pay more than the average - currently at $6.30 - to unlock oldschool first-person dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock and tower defense game Dungeon Defenders.

Buyers can decide how much money they'd like to give to the developers of each game, charity (Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation), and the Humble folk who keep these bundles coming. Based on the previous collections, the organisers have raised $9.5 million for charity.

Check out snippets of all these games in the trailer below and if you fancy what's in store feel free to snag the collection here.

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