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Humble Bundle updates Choice membership with all-access library

A humble Game Pass alternative.

Humble Bundle is making changes to its Humble Choice membership, to offer a bunch of games under one subscription.

Each month, Humble picks out a number of games to offer on its store. Previously two subscription tiers were available that provided a set number of downloads and a discount on the store.

However, from February one subscription will be offered for $11.99 USD each month, providing access to all games the team picks out each month.

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"Our focus is to bring you maximum bang for your buck through an expertly curated mix of awesome games," reads a post on the Humble blog.

"The exact number of games might vary each month, but no matter what our scouts choose, our mission is to always bring you a ton of value that's well worth the price of admission. And as always, you can skip a month whenever you want or cancel anytime."

Further, Humble is launching the Humble Games Collection: an "ever-growing curated library of games you can access and enjoy while you're a Choice member".

Comprising community and critical favourites, the collection will be available on a new Humble app for Windows PC. Skipping a month or cancelling a subscription means losing access to the collection.

The app also includes The Vault with over 50 DRM-free indie games and experimental oddities available to download and keep.

The longer members subscribe to Humble Choice, the bigger the discount they'll receive on the store - up to 20 percent. Current members will immediately receive that discount.

Lastly, five percent of all Humble Choice membership money will be donated to charity, as Humble is well known for.

Read the blog here for full details.

Considering the success of Xbox Game Pass, it's no wonder more subscription services are in the works - even PlayStation.