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Homefront: The Revolution is seeking folks to pose as models

And earn £50 doing it.

Want to be in a video game? And make a few bucks in the process? Well you might be in luck, as Homefront: The Revolution developer Deep Silver Dambuster Studios is looking for folks to pose as models for the upcoming sequel.

Homefront: The Revolution will be set in Philadelphia.

"We are looking for male and female models of all ages, sizes, and shapes," the developer stated on its official site.

Those selected will have to make their way to the studio's headquarters in Nottingham where they'll be paid £50 upon being scanned for the game, a process that should take roughly a half hour.

"You will be asked to sit in front of our cameras and have a series of photos taken of your face while you make a set of expressions (smile, mouth open, angry etc)," Deep Silver noted.

Applicants must be at least 18 to apply. Deep Silver said this model-scanning process will be going on all year, so there's no time estimate for when you might hear back.

It's worth noting that those scanned won't be main characters, but rather just NPCs. Still, it's probably a pretty cool feeling to see yourself in a video game... even if you end up someone who just gets shot at repeatedly.

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