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Hohokum dev's roguelike Loot Rascals is coming to PS4 and PC in March

Among thieves.

Quirky roguelike Loot Rascals, the latest game from Hohokum, Super Exploding Zoo, and Frosbisher Says developer Ricky Haggett, is coming to PC and PS4 on 7th March. It will cost $15.

Developed by Hollow Ponds, a studio that includes an Adventure Time animator, Loot Rascals places players in the role of an astronaut exploring the hexagonal plains of an alien world.

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Loot Rascals' most intriguing twist is that the enemies who defeat you will steal your gear and appear with your powers in another player's game. Should you defeat a boss, you can decide whether to keep the hot gear they've left behind, or return it to the player from whom it once belonged.

Should you give back said gear, a friendly phantom of that player will appear beside you and offer help. Keep the stolen goods, however, and their phantom won't be so friendly.

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