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Second Hitman film on the way

No word on Olyphant's return though.

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20th Century Fox has revealed plans for a second film based on IO Interactive's spy series Hitman.

Spanish director Daniel Benmayor will steer the project, according to Deadline (via Kotaku). Benmayor's previous work includes the film Paintball as well as commercials for PlayStation, Renault, Mercedes, Heineken and Samsung. Benmayor has just finished work on Bruc for release this autumn.

Star of the first Hitman film, Timothy Olyphant, is unconfirmed for a return.

The Hitman film was released in 2007 and scored badly with critics. However, ticket sales were high and the picture grossed $100m worldwide; a healthy return on a $30m budget.

Hitman game developer IO Interactive is currently hard at work on Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. But Square Enix has earmarked Hitman as a core 'AAA' licence, suggesting future iterations are likely.

The last game was Hitman: Blood Money, upscaled from last generation to Xbox 360 in May 2006. Eurogamer's Hitman: Blood Money review has the full story.

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