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Hitman gets first new Elusive Target for several years, and it's DJ Dimitri Vegas

"Nothing personal."

47 will be setting his sights on Dimitri Vegas later this year
Image credit: IO Interactive

DJ Dimitri Vegas will be joining Hitman World of Assassination, as the first Elusive Target created for the game in two years.

Agent 47 will be tasked with taking out Vegas - aka "The Drop" - sometime this autumn.

In a short clip promoting the upcoming mission, 47 apologises to the DJ, assuring him it is "nothing personal". All the while, the renowned Greek-Belgian's music blasts away in the background.

Agent 47 vs. The Drop (featuring Dimitri Vegas).Watch on YouTube

Vegas has lent both his likeness and his voice to the character, who is depicted as a "DJ-turned-drug impresario bent on controlling the scene one way or another".

Developer IO Interactive said it was "excited" to partner with Vegas and create a new Elusive Target, which will be available for free to as part of IO's 25-year anniversary celebrations.

This mission will launch on an unspecified date this autumn, across PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

A selection of unique rewards attached to this Elusive Target mission will also be available, to be revealed at a later date. We will keep you posted.

So, will you be deploying stealth and skill for this operation? Or perhaps an exploding rubber duck is more your style?

Previous Elusive targets in the Hitman series have included Sean Bean and Gary Busey. I remember throwing a muffin at Sean. I wonder what method I should deploy for Dimitri...

Dimitri Vegas arrived in Hitman this autumn
Image credit: IOI

For more on the series, be sure check out Ed's interview with Hitman's Jane Perry and David Bateson. Here, they talk about playing outsiders, absurd humour, and IO's future with Bond.

As for that future with Bond, IO recently shared a little bit more about its plans with our Bertie.

In addition to the above, the studio is currently working on an online fantasy RPG, known for now as Project Dragon. Details are still slim on this release, however the developer has teased it will feel both familiar and "unlike anything" the studio has done before.

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