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Hi-Fi Rush adds accessibility options to simplify parrying

Band aid.

Hi-Fi Rush screenshot of a cutscene showing main character Chai with robo-cat 808 sitting on Chai's shoulder.
Image credit: Bethesda

A new update for Hi-Fi Rush has been released that adds new accessibility options to make parrying easier.

That's alongside a new costume pack available to purchase and a number of bug fixes.

The stage select screen will also now display the number of collectibles found in each stage, with fully completed levels displaying a green checkmark.

Hi-Fi Rush - The DF Tech Review - Tested On Xbox Series X S and PC - Early 2023 GOTY CandidateWatch on YouTube

For those struggling with parry timing, two new assists can now be activated in the Accessibility menu and available on Easy and Normal difficulties.

2D Rhythm Game Assist offers a wider window of success for timed inputs, which varies depending on the BPM of the music. Missing inputs will also allow players to still complete rhythm minigames, as long as 70 percent of the correct inputs are hit. This feature affects the likes of generators and other barriers that require a short minigame to pass.

Auto Rhythm Parry will allow players to press and hold the parry button for the first action in a forced parry event to allow Chai to automatically parry subsequent actions. This will impact certain bosses as well as lasers that require parrying to destroy.

The game requires some strict rhythmic timing at certain points, so these additions should help players succeed.

For players looking to switch up Chai's style, the Bossplay Costume Pack will allow him to dress up in boss-inspired looks. It's available to purchase via the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store and Steam costing £4.50.

A number of bugs that prevented game progression have also been fixed. A full list can be found in the patch notes.

Hi-Fi Rush is a "riot of rhythm-action" I wrote in our review. It's available on Game Pass and well worth a look.

Last month it added a photo mode too to take advantage of its vibrant world.

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