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Hi-Fi Rush gets a photo mode in latest update

The camera never Chais.

Colourful, cartoony promotional artwork for Hi-Fi Rush showing protagonist Chai and friends posing dramatically in mid-air.
Image credit: Tango Gameworks/Microsoft

If the old screen capture trick isn't quite getting the results you're after in Tango Gameworks' gorgeous, eminently snappable rhythm-action treat Hi-Fi Rush, the studio now has you covered with an official photo mode, which launches today on Xbox and PC.

Once today's update is downloaded and installed, players can pause the action as required and summon in protagonist Chai and friends ready for their close-up (or otherwise). All characters can be posed, and the photo mode also features a choice of frames, filters, and camera effects to memorialise the moment in style.

Alongside the new photo mode, today's Hi-Fi Rush update also brings a number of fixes and tweaks, including stick and trigger dead zone adjustments, attack behaviour changes for the game's first boss, and more, as detailed in Tango Gameworks' patch notes.

Cover image for YouTube videoHi-Fi RUSH | Launch Trailer
Hi-Fi Rush - Launch Trailer.

Hi-Fi Rush's exuberant rhythm-action - which sees protagonist Chai attempting to thwart a gleefully silly conspiracy by leaping, bounding, and battling across a striking cartoon world in time to the music - has gone down a storm since its surprise release on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass at the end of January.

Eurogamer's Ed Nightingale called it "upbeat, wide-eyed and unpretentious" in his Recommended review.