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Heroic modder seeks to add original Resi voice acting to HD remaster

Master of unlocking old audio tracks.

If you're going to have bad voice acting, you might as well have really bad voice acting. It's the difference between a bad movie like Caligula, and a great bad movie like The Room. So when Resident Evil was remade in 2002 - in what's since been remastered in 2015 - it attempted to rectify the atrocious voice acting from the original title. Clearly that was a mistake as "still pretty bad" doesn't mean better. It just means blander.

As such, modder Bunny has stated their desire to fix this by issuing a mod that will restore the original 1996 voice acting to the 2015 edition of Shinji Mikami's seminal work.

"I've started working on a mod that will replace REmake's voice acting with the legendary voice acting from the original Resident Evil," Bunny said on the Resident Evil modding board. "So far I've modded rooms 105 and 106 (Barry's dining room and the main hall) but I will try to mod as many other rooms as I can."

You can see a couple of clips of Bunny's work in action below. Now if only the lip-syncing matched up. Then this would truly be the definitive edition of the schlocky classic.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

In other Resident Evil HD Remaster tweaking news, modder FluffyQuack, aka Sectus, released a mod that allows players to remove the door opening animations. Dubbed Fluffy Manager 5000, this mod also allows players to add infinite ammo, edit their inventory and select costumes.

For more on why Resident Evil's original voice acting was in a league of its own, check out this 11-minute compilation video courtesy of YouTuber gamegoonie.

Watch on YouTube

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