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Here's your first proper look at Murdered: Soul Suspect

Airtight Games' beyond the grave mystery looks… interesting.

So, here's the good news: Square has announced a new game that's not a shooter and that's not a sequel. Even better - and somewhat bizarrely - it's a full-blooded riff on Shu Takumi's brilliant DS puzzler Ghost Trick, as well as a noirish adventure game that has a much more intimate understanding of the genre than L.A. Noire ever did.

And here's the less good news: it's being developed by Airtight Games, a studio that with Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum has a track record that's a bit five out of ten. Reason to be excited and wary in equal measure, then. I saw the game myself last week and found there was as much to like as there was to doubt, and Ian Higton's put together a video preview so you can have a look at it all for yourself.

Watch on YouTube

You probably know this bit already, but still: you can find plenty more previews, Let's Plays and livestreams at Eurogamer's dedicated YouTube channel. Have a look!

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