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Here's Urien in Street Fighter 5

Out in September.

Capcom has released a new video showing off Urien, the final season one DLC character for Street Fighter 5.

Urien, who made his debut in the fighting game series in Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact, is vice president of the Illuminati. He wants to take over the Illuminati from his older brother Gill, and destroy M. Bison's Shadaloo. He's an angry chap.

Those who played Street Fighter 5's recently-released story mode got a brief chance to play as Urien. His Aegis Reflector move is present and correct, this time activated as a V-Trigger. Here, Urien creates an energy barrier in front of him, which reflects projectiles. If your opponent touches the barrier without blocking, they take damage and are knocked back. With a full V-meter, Urien can create two barriers. Expect plenty of cool Urien combos to emerge once he goes live.

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Capcom said it'll announce a release date for Urien during the Tokyo Game Show next week.

For those of you unfamiliar with Urien, here's a showcase video of the character in action in Street Fighter 3.

Watch on YouTube

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