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Here's Tomb Raider running on a Game Boy Advance


Tomb Raider, the 1996 classic originally released on the PS1, Saturn and PC, has been ported multiple times. But now it can be played on the Game Boy Advance.

Developed by Timur 'XProger' Gagiev, this GBA project makes use of OpenLara - an open source engine that began as a reverse engineering project for the original Tomb Raider game and has been made available across various platforms.

The game runs on the GBA with nothing more than the console and a compatible EverDrive card.

Cover image for YouTube videoShadow of the Tomb Raider PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S Update - Can Next-Gen Handle 4K 60FPS?

YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer has gone in-depth, analysing all the tricks used to get the game running on the GBA hardware.

It's an impressive feat from XProger, who has constantly iterated and optimised to get this 3D game working on old hardware.

As MVG says: "This is nothing but code running on the GBA hardware, there's nothing in the middle that's helping this game push polygons or its framerate faster than it normally does.

"So this again is just a real piece of technical wizardry and fantastic optimisation that does take advantage of the GBA's strengths and really understands its limitations as well."

You can watch the full analysis video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoTomb Raider on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance is incredible | MVG

Last year, Tomb Raider turned 25, celebrated in various forms by now-publisher Square Enix. It's unclear what's next for Lara Croft, but seeing the original running on a GBA is pretty magical.