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Long read: How TikTok's most intriguing geolocator makes a story out of a game

Where in the world is Josemonkey?

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Here's nearly an hour of Death Stranding so you can try and figure out what's going on

BT online.

Hideo Kojima has provided our best look yet at Death Stranding and its sci-fi Deliveroo gameplay.

Kojima appeared at Tokyo Games Show this morning to play through nearly an hour of Death Stranding's campaign. He'll be doing the same thing on Saturday - so watch out for even more footage to appear online then, too.

This is by far the longest stretch of gameplay we've seen so far, and our best look at what Death Stranding is actually like to play, away from its celebrity-laden cut-scenes and dubious cameos.

To sum up the following video: there's a lot of walking, punctuated by combat and a bit of vehicle riding, as Norman Reedus' character Sam trudges his cargo across the country as part of his mission to reconnect America.

The more you carry, the more you'll struggle with your load. Boots wear out over time and need to be replaced. You can relaxe and take a bath with your creepy baby in a hot mud spring.

Most interesting? You can pick up cargo and items dropped by other people in their own playthroughs, and call out for items if you're struggling in a fight.

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Kojima Productions has also today posted this seven minute introduction scene, set in the White House, which was available to watch on the Gamescom showfloor. If you want a bit more of the plot filled in for you, it's one to watch.

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Death Stranding is out in December for PlayStation 4, and sometime after that for PC.

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