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Here's how Bomberman looks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Bomberman is the star of today's Super Smash Bros. blog post, which shows off more of how the explosive Assist Trophy will work.

As an Assist Trophy rather than a playable character, Bomberman has a chance to be called in when players pick up the Assist Trophy item during battle.

The diminutive explosives expert will then dash across the stage, laying down a bomb which then explodes in his familiar cross-shaped style.

Now's a good time to mention the Smash Bros. Ultimate blog - which has in the past few days begun regular, daily updates. It's something Nintendo has done in the run-up to the last few Smash game launches as well, with every day providing a new snippet of information on a specific stage, item or character.

The new Jump Star item, which flings characters across the stage.
Alolan Vulpix, which can freeze your opponents.
The new Black Hole item, which does exactly what you'd expect.

My favourite part of the blog is the new and growing selection of fresh soundtrack arrangements. You can now listen to music which will play out on the new Splatoon and Breath of the Wild stages, along with Smash Bros. Ultimate's main theme.

Smash Bros. Ultimate isn't due out for Nintendo Switch until 8th December, so there's plenty of blog updates to come.