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Here's everything in Xbox One's February system update

Offline pins! Avatar store! Gamerscore leaderboard returns!

We're less than 20 days into the new year and Microsoft has already detailed 2016's first Xbox One system update.

Stealth Aoife article.

The Xbox One February update arrives today for Preview members and in a couple of weeks for everyone else.

There are no headline-grabbing additions, but plenty of asked-for tweaks which will please regular Xbox One users.

Pins can now be reorganised without the use of the Smartglass app, for example. And - finally - they can be used when the console is offline.

Microsoft has restored the console's Gamerscore leaderboard, which was swept away from the Xbox One dashboard in last year's November update (it's now in your Profile app instead).

The avatar store is back too (last seen on Xbox 360), and redesigned for easy access from your Xbox One avatar app or the equivalent app on Windows 10. There are literally thousands of clothes and props to spend money on now, if you so desire.

Other changes include the ability to see who's in a Party before joining and to hide unwanted games/apps/betas/demos from your library.

There are other, more minor tweaks to your console's activity feed, the speed which you can join friend/follower Twitch broadcasts and improvements to your suggested friends, too. It's another solid update from Microsoft which has said it will continue its monthly additions this year - just like in last.

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