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16-bit sci-fi classic sequel Flashback 2 shows off its leafy parts in new trailer

Welcome to the jungle.

Flashback, the classic 16-bit sci-fi platformer from Delphine Software, is, as you probably already know, getting a sequel before the end of 2023, some 31 years after its original release. And new developer Microids has now offered a fresh look at Flashback 2's action - specifically the jungle-y bits - in a new trailer as it prepares for a November release.

The original Flashback, which arrived to much acclaim back in 1992 - when everything was still in black and white, and computers were powered by magic - followed the far-flung future adventures of agent Conrad B. Hart on the trail of shapeshifting aliens attempting to infiltrate human society. It was an investigation that, much like Delphine's earlier Another World, took the form of a strikingly rotoscoped platform-puzzler.

Flashback 2 (which, somewhat confusingly, isn't technically the game's first sequel, given the existence of 1995's 3D follow-up Fade to Black) sees Conrad B. Hart return for more sci-fi adventure - somewhere in the 22nd century - as he goes in search of his friend Ian. Again.

Flashback 2 shows off a familiar, but undoubtedly fancier jungle.Watch on YouTube

We got our first proper look at Flashback 2's action in April this year, and now Microids is back with another trailer, this time showing off the sequel's jungle location, bearing more than a passing resemblance to the area that opened the original Flashback all those years ago - albeit now in new-fangled three-dimension-o-vision.

Flashback 2 - which is being developed by the original game's creator Paul Cuisset in collaboration with Microids' Lyon/Paris studios - launches this November on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC.

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